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Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Hospice Services

Q: Do you accept any type of pets?
A: We accept all types of pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits, and hamsters, as well as pets weighing up to 70 lbs

Q: What kind of clothes should I wear to the Farewell Ceremony?

A: Except for religious reasons, regular clothes will be appropriate, but avoid wearing flashy garments.

Q: Since I want to bid farewell to my pet with my family and friends, can I arrange the farewell ceremony at the weekend?

A: Yes, but we recommend holding the cremation ceremony as soon as possible within a week.

Q: I want to hold the cremation ceremony for my pet as soon as possible. Can I host the cremation on the same day?

A: Yes, we can hold a same-day cremation subject to the cremator’s availability.

Q: What can I do if my doctor says my pet is going to pass away soon?

A: Please refer to this article. Also, please be with them as much as you can because their whole life has been dedicated to us and we should accompany them in their last days, so that they will not die alone.

Q: Are there any fees other than those listed on the website?

A: We only have four charges: ceremony content, pet weight, columbarium style and storage fee. Please refer to this article for details.
*There is an additional charge for late-night pick-ups.

Q: Can I invite a friend from my church to perform a religious service for my pet?

A: Yes. We are willing to help if we can accommodate your needs. We also have an electronic keyboard and other musical instruments that can be rented free of charge for the ceremonies.

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