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Image by Henry & Co.

What do we do when our pets pass away?

We all know that it is heartbreaking to part with the pets who have been with us all our lives and become part of the family.

However, to accompany the pets on their last journey and make sure they leave blissfully, let us prepare for them despite the sorrows.

Pets Alive - the First Choice of Pet Hospice

1. Close your pet’s eyes and mouth.
2. About two hours after the pet passes away, the body will start to harden. So, please gently put your pet in a sleeping position if possible.
3. Arrange a cool and dry room, then put your pet in a linen-lined box (or a cardboard box if you don’t have one).
4. Gently brush your pet’s hair and gently wipe their body with a towel dipped in warm water. To avoid excrement spillage, please stuff your pet’s nose, mouth, and bottom with tissue paper. If this is not possible, laying down the pet’s bed sheet will suffice.
5. Wrap a towel with a freezing agent (or a plastic bag filled with ice cubes) and place it gently on your pet’s head and belly.
6. Gently wrap your pet’s body in their favorite towel. Place your pet’s next to their favorite toys, food, and photos.
7. When you are ready, please call our 24-hour hotline. Our staff will arrange door-to-door pet pick-up services.
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